Impact of Promoters in BTL Marketing

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What is BTL marketing?

By definition BTL marketing means below the line marketing. That is marketing the products or services directly to a group of people, or selected customers. This is done by direct emailing, tele calling, sales promotions, exhibitions etc. In BTL marketing the target customers are already known and approach of marketing is more personalized.

Advantages of BTL marketing:-

1. The main advantage is your directly reaching out to your customers. Thus there is a personalized approach which always favours the brand.

2. This marketing approach is more traceable. Companies will know exactly how the strategy worked or didn’t work. Hence can make the appropriate changes in future.

3. This marketing approach is more reliable, as you are dealing with your target customers. You are sure the awareness is built.

4. This marketing method is cheaper as it doesn’t involve expensive advertising and branding.

5. This helps to create a loyal customer base as they are in touch. This always helps in retaining old customers and bringing in more new customers.

Few tips to make BTL marketing effective:-

1. Ensure you know who are your target customers. Customise your plan accordingly, one rule will not fit all target customers.

2. Ensure the timing of your marketing is right. When there is a need in the market, approaching your potential clients then is ideal and will result in a sale .

3. Ensure your promoters are well trained and have full knowledge about the product. They must be able to answer any question.

4. Pricing is crucial in all marketing strategies, if you can’t reduce your product price any give- away, coupons, gifts always works positively.

5. The key to gain success in this form of marketing is to keep marketing. The more you market your products, the more range of customers you meet the more effective will your strategy be.

Promoters are those marketing professionals that use different marketing techniques to ensure a deal is done. They represent the brand and are the face of the company. They take the product or the company to potential customers. Hence hiring qualified and experienced promoters is very important for any brand, because they are the ones that interact with the end users. They act like a bridge between the company and the customer.

Thus promoters are key individuals for any company to build their brand especially companies considering BTL marketing. As they connect the product to the targeted customers and ensure that there is a sale. Companies considering BTL marketing technique must first consider hiring good promoters to ensure their marketing technique is delivered in the best possible way.

Hence for managing such short term projects one of the leading ‘on demand staffing platform’ i.e, Taskmo (FeedMyPockets Formerly) deploys extra workforce irrespective of business size & sector and aim to provide manpower based on the requirements.




I am business editor at Medium, mainly on technology and employment. When I don’t write, I love reading bestsellers, tracking fashion trends & listening music.

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Deepa Hegde

Deepa Hegde

I am business editor at Medium, mainly on technology and employment. When I don’t write, I love reading bestsellers, tracking fashion trends & listening music.

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