Purpose of Geotagging in Businesses.

Deepa Hegde
2 min readDec 29, 2019


Geotagging is the process of adding geographical information to various media in the form of metadata. The geographical data usually includes latitude and longitude but also can include altitude, bearing, distance, and place name.

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Geo-tagging is commonly used for photographs, as it helps people to get specific information about the photo. But nowadays geo-tagging is used by many consumers and it is called social geotagging. It is nothing but a process of tagging geographical data like place, photos, videos, websites, emails, etc. With the increase in social media geotagging has become a common culture adapted especially by the new-age millennials.

Today even marketers and advertisers have understood the importance of mining consumer location and consumers understand the value of social geotagging, hence making geotagging technology even more popular. Let’s look at other purposes of geotagging:-

1. Better search engine optimization — usually when consumers want to do a search, location is commonly used. Geo-tagging your location with brand and website helps your product show up faster in the search engine.

2. Location performance — through geo-tagging, companies can understand which location is performing better. They can also get access to consumer’s behavior in that particular location and use the same strategy to improvise other locations.

3. Increase customer awareness — if you have a customer who is socially very active and has a large influence on their social network, geo-tagging helps to increase your brand awareness. It is an indirect way of referral marketing.

4. Monitoring — through the help of geotagging you can monitor your workforce. This is crucial especially if they are in remote locations, it gives you access to monitor them.

5. Simplified process — geotagging is an easy way to tag any geographical

data. This helps you to tag your events, drives, photos and other important business aspects.

Geo-tagging has reached new heights today and all social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat leverage upon this technology. Geo-tagging has changed the entire perspective of how people travel to various locations and explore new destinations. No one uses a map these days. Apart from this geotagging helps a person to know about a particular area better. It helps in communication too. It helps businesses to interact with their customers despite the location barrier.

Geotagged data is used bigtime nowadays to interact and know customer’s opinions. Businesses leverage upon this data to not only provide better customer-centric benefits but also to reach their targets faster. This benefits them, especially when it comes to customer retention and satisfaction. Geotagging technology will only continue to benefit both customers and businesses in the years to come.



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