Temp staff — Tips to motivate your temp staff

Deepa Hegde
3 min readJan 8, 2020


Temp staff as the name suggests are employees who are hired on a part-time basis for a short duration of time. They are hired because the company feels that their additional help and support is required in order to complete the task or project in time.

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It is very evident that temporary staff are hired to accomplish a particular task, which the existing employees alone cannot complete. But since they are temporary employees, they are not very well welcomed and do not feel very motivated. Hence as a company, we must ensure to motivate our temporary staff. Here are a few ways in which this can be done:-

1. Setting the right goals — having a right defined goal is very important with temporary staff. Ensure to set small milestones to achieve the main goal. The fact of being able to reach a small milestone itself is a self-motivating factor. Temp staff are usually lost and are unsure of their expectations, with defined goals they know what exactly is expected from them.

2. Provide training — a training program for the temporary staff always adds value. It makes them feel they are part of the organization. Giving them a brief about the company’s background and sharing the value system followed is an effective way to motivate them.

3. Invite to company functions — treat them the same way as you would treat a permanent employee. Invite them too, for a company function, gathering or outing. It gives them a sense of belonging.

4. Make them into teams — another effective way to motivate temp staff is making them part of a team. Ensure the team has both permanent and temp staff. In the team, meetings ask for their opinions and suggestions. Making them feel, they matter is a great way to motivate them.

5. Recognize and reward — recognizing their efforts and contributions in front of the entire organization is a great way to boost their morale. Informing others about their work and appreciating them is an effective way of motivation.

6. Offer other opportunities — making them aware, that you value them goes a long way in terms of motivation. Informing them that you see them as a potential permanent employee is the best motivation a temp staff can receive.

7. Giving cash rewards — any rewards and benefits acts as a motivation. If it’s a cash reward it is even more welcoming. Giving them a little extra cash, or some benefits, or early payment are various ways you can use to motivate your temp staff.

8. Being grateful and keeping in touch — thanking them for their help and providing timely support is also a huge motivation factor. Keeping in touch with them adds value, and helps them know, their efforts are recognized.

These are a few tips that any organization can follow in order to motivate their temporary staff. We must remember that temporary staffs help to fill in the gap, that existing employees alone cannot fulfill. Hence we must be appreciative and acknowledge their efforts. As a company, we must ensure to keep them motivated at all times.



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